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"While listening to Olivia's reading I had electric chills lighting up my body the entire time. Its like she saw inside my spirit and knew exactly how to guide me. I asked a simple question and she gave me the most in depth, thought provoking answers that helped ground me and guide me towards the next phase of my journey. This was the most potent tarot card reading I have ever had, and I will certainly go back to her for more. I highly recommend you allow this magic psychic witch to light that fire in you like she did for me." - Brandelion

"I had such an amazing reading with Olivia. It was my first experience with tarot but I was going through some big shifts and wanted the opportunity to reflect. It was amazing. She took so much time to move through the cards and develop the meanings. Nothing felt forced or like she was trying to deliver me answers that I “wanted.” She instead allowed space for interpretation and possibility which in turn gave me an amazing amount of clarity and guidance. More than anything I was so grateful for how genuine the experience was. So grateful! And I have already recommended all my friends talk with her!" - Aundrea 

"Readings from Olivia have been absolutely transformative in my life. She taps into your experience so deeply that you feel as though you’re being held in that space. While Olivia is straightforward and does not sugar coat the truth she uncovers, she delivers with gentleness and ensures that her client feels empowered in how to move forward on their timeline. Olivia’s readings have helped me develop a clearer authenticity in my life. While I’ve continuously dealt with health issues and fear in the last year, Olivia has been able to frame painful experiences in such a way that even challenges feel like opportunities for grounding, growth, and ultimately joy. I am so thankful for Olivia’s channeling, her ability to see her clients clearly, and the healing she offers through these supports." - Mackenzie

“Olivia is an incredibly talented and intuitive reader. The two readings I’ve received from her have been so spot on—it’s almost scary. She straight forward, open and it is evident that her connection to Spirit is strong. I highly recommend getting a reading from her. You won’t be disappointed.” - Vivian

"I have had several readings with Olivia and will absolutely continue to do so. Her ability to channel and read cards is deeply intuitive and very removed from personal bias. She is straight forward and honest about what she sees in the cards. She holds space in a firm and compassionate way when the reading brings up big emotions. The veil is thin for her and she uses this to her advantage when communicating with the divine. I have been able to navigate through life with a sense of purpose and trust since doing readings with Olivia. She is passionate and clearly destined for this kind of work." - Kyle 

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