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Stubborn, aTTACH, dISASSOCIATE (2018)

Stubborn, Attach, Disassociate was created in residency with Peridance Capezio Dance Center in NYC. 4 dancers explored three words and their antonyms. Through improvisational movement investigation, these phrases were explored deeply and movement phrases discovered. These improvisational investigations were then pieced apart, and put back together and set for the stage in this 10 minute work. This work was created in 4 days and 11 hours as part of the Choreographic Development Project. 

Stubborn, Attach, Disassociate premiered at Peridance Capezio Dance Center 

Dance Artists: Julianne Kannon, May Mattunyuta, Charly Santagado, Mikayla McKee

Choreographic Mentorship: Annabella Lenzu

Stubborn, Attach, Disassociate is made possible with support of Peridance Capezio Dance Center and the Choreographic Development Project


oN Saying goodbye: the Leaving (2018)

On Saying Goodbye: The Leaving explores human agency, leaving, longing, and grieving. On Saying Goodbye investigates deeper questions too, like: what it is too be an observer, a performer and a human all at once? We explore what it means to leave each other. To walk away from someone, you know you’ll never see again? To grieve what’s already gone. Bodies are fleeting. Emotion is fleeting. Every moment is lost and never coming back again. How do we contend with this reality? We attempt to see it all, soak it in, let it go and let it die again and again in attempts to embrace the inevitability of loss and the beauty of now. 

On Leaving Goodbye premiered at Gibney Dance in NYC July 19, 20, and 21, 2018

Dance Artists: Vivian Kim, Alex Tomassian, Attiyya Fortune

Tech and Media Production: Satchel Spencer 

Stage Management: Kaitlyn Lawrence

Lighting Designer: Ian Mcmorran 

On Saying Goodbye is made possible with support of Colorado Creative Industries and the Career Advancement Grant as well as generous contributors of Olivia Dwyer Dance Projects Indiegogo Campaign 

sORT IT (2018)

Sort It explores darkness, aloneness, and chaos. This solo piece interrogates anxiety, in an attempt to acknowledge it's power so it might become null and void.

Sort It premiered at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance in Denver, CO, in March of 2018

Dance Artists: Sam Scovel 

Sort It was made possible with support and curation of Industrial Dance Alliance in Broomfield CO 

re:to resolve (2017)

re: to resolve is a dance film which explores fear, doubt, and hesitation through visceral imagery, flashes of light, and a quickening of tempo, this film attempts to unveil the reality of artistry, life, and body memory.

re: to resolve has been shown with

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Dance Film Festival Brussels

Life in Motion: A Colorado Dance Film Festival

Dance Artists: Olivia Dwyer

Talk about a nasty woman (2016)

Talk About A Nasty Woman is our response to President Trump's election in November of 2016. We had feelings. We bled on green screens, we ripped our clothing, we cried and recovered. This piece interrogates anger and hopelessness in complex times

Dance Artists: Olivia Dwyer, Samm Wesler, Vivian Kim, Kaitlyn Lawrence, Taylor King, Aundrea Anderson, Sophia Phillips, Gabrielle Whitcomb, Alberta Shulman

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