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Olivia Dwyer Dance Projects continues to thrive with the generous support of patrons, donors and federal and state funding. All donations and awards go toward supporting fair and equal pay for our collaborators, as well as fees associated with touring work. Consider donating below to add your name to the list of donors. Thank you for visiting the donation page.

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Barbara Madden

Tom Dwyer


Claire Cox

Peter Holmes

Eileen Dwyer

Elliot Kroger

Daniel Enners and Family

Chris Madden

Ann Dwyer

Paul Budin

Pam Turner

Mark Kramer 

Stacy Kramer

Mandy Krebs 

Ondine Geary

Kathleen Basile

Casey Coviello


Deirdre Neiberger


Laura Ann Samuelson

James Faill

Bud McMahon

Nancy McMahon

Rachel McClure

Adeline Sweeney

Franke Lucero

Bonnie Cox


Olivia Pierce

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